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Crime Scene Equipment and Supplies

Evidence handling and crime scene supplies from CopQuest

Evidence handling and crime scene supplies from CopQuest

CopQuest carries a complete line of CSI supplies at discounted prices. We have everything you need to contain, document, package, identify and secure all types of physical and DNA evidence.


Apperral & Vests

Barricade Tape

Blood & Body Fluid Detection


Crime Scene Protection

DNA Collection




Narcotic Enforcement

Protective Clothing

Shoe & Boot Covers

Shoe Print



Crime Scene Vest - Complete


Barricade Tape - Bulk

Barricade Tape Dispensers

Barricade Tape with TapeWiz Pro Dispenser





Adhesive ID Markers
 Closeout Value 

Adhesive ID Markers

Breakaway Tamper Evident Strips

Cap-Shure Swabs, Pack of 50

Chain of Possession Labels

Disposable Plastic Tweezers

Evidence Cans

Evidence Jars
 Closeout Value 

Evidence Labels

Evidence Tubes

Evidence/Chain of Custody Label

Footprint Dustprint Evidence Collection Box

Forensic Source Ny-Ties

Gunshot Residue Kits

Handgun Evidence Collection Boxes

Heavy Duty Resealable Plastic Evidence Collection Bags

Knife Evidence Collection Box

Lightning Powder Evidence Security Bags

Lightning Powder Paper Evidence Collection Bags

Lightning Powder Tamper-Proof Evidence Tape

Master Photo Documentation Kit

NIK Secure Seal Tamper-Indicating Bags

NIK Tamper-Proof Evidence Tape

ODV Large Evidence Tags

ODV Small Evidence Tags

Photo Evidence Markers - Cut out ID - Yellow

Photo Evidence Markers - Standard ID Tent Set

Photo Evidence Markers

Photo Identifier Cards

Pill Boxes

Rifle Evidence Collection Boxes

Blood & Body Fluid Stain Collection


Scene Screen Crime Scene Barrier


Dual-Swab Cotton Swabs w/ Wood Stems, Pack of 100


Applicant Fingerprint Cards

Basic Magnetic Powder Kit by Indicator

Bi-Chromatic Camelhair Kit

Bi-Chromatic Magnetic Powder Kit

Blue Squirrel No. 8 Latent Print Brush
 Closeout Value 

Booking Fingerprint Cards

Deluxe Camelhair Brush

Economy Ink Roller, 3.75-inch

Fingerprint Powder - Bi-Chromactic

Fingerprint Powder - Magnetic

Fingerprint Powder - Regular

ID Kleen Ink Removal Towelettes

Latent Print Backing Cards

Latent Print Lifting Tape

Lightning Lift Pad - 25 pk

Lightning Lifts - 100 pk

Lightning Lifts Footprint/Handprint Lifts - 12 pk

Long-Handle Camelhair Brush

Maximum Coverage Camelhear Brush
 Closeout Value 

Perfect Ink Field Ink Pads by Identicator

Perfect Print Ink - 4 oz. Tube

PrePrint Towelettes

Red Wand Magnetic Applicator

Standard Magnetic Applicator

Steel Inking Slab, 5 x 10-inch

Touch Signature Ink Pads by Indicator

Zephyr Dusting Brush


Adenna 5 mil - Blue Nitrile Powder Free Exam Gloves

Adenna 5 mil - Gold Latex Powder Free Exam Gloves

Life Guard High Risk Exam Gloves - 15 mil - Powder Free

Life Guard High Risk Exam Gloves - 8 mil Blue Nitrile

Phantom Black Tactical Latex 5 mil Exam Gloves - Powder Free

Shadow Black Tactical Nitrile 5 mil Exam Gloves - Powder Free


ABFO No. 2 Photomacrographic Scale

Bureau Reference Scale Set

Compact Photo Documentation Kit

Continuous Tape - Photo Evidence

Crime Scene Adhesive Scales

Crime Scene Template

High-Vis Plastic Evidence Markers

L-Shape Hinge Scale

L-Shaped Photograpic Scale - Fluorescent

L-Shaped Photograpic Scale

Laser Trajectory Devices

Magnectic Rulers 6-inch, White

Photographic Fog

Pocket Rod

Universal Traffic Sketching Template Set

Vinyl Rulers, 6-inch


90 ml Sterile Urine Sample Bottles with Temp Strip

Instant Drug Screening - 10 Panel

Instant Drug Screening - 3 Panel

Instant Drug Screening - 5 Panels

Instant Drug Screening - 6 Panels

Instant Drug Screening - Single Panel

Instant Smoke Screening

NIK Basic Competency Training Kit

NIK Bath Salts Test

NIK Cocaine ID Swab

NIK Freshplates

NIK Identidrug Polytesting Desk Chart

NIK Identidrug Polytesting Wall Chart

NIK Master Pac Narcotic Test Kit

NIK Narcotic 60-Pac Narcotic Test Kit

NIK Narcotic Fentanyl Testing Kit

NIK Narcotic Porta-Pac Narcotic Test Kit

NIK Narcotic Test A - Opium Alkaloids / MDMA / Ecstasy

NIK Narcotic Test B - Confirming Test - Opium Alkaloids

NIK Narcotic Test C - Barbiturates

NIK Narcotic Test D - LSD

NIK Narcotic Test E - Marijuana

NIK Narcotic Test F - Acid Neutralizer

NIK Narcotic Test G - Cocaine

NIK Narcotic Test H - Methadone

NIK Narcotic Test I - PMA / Ketamine / Barbiturates / Methadone

NIK Narcotic Test J - PCP

NIK Narcotic Test K - Opiates

NIK Narcotic Test L - Brown Heroin

NIK Narcotic Test M - Methaqualone

NIK Narcotic Test N - Pentazocine

NIK Narcotic Test O - GHB

NIK Narcotic Test P - Propoxyphene / Darvon

NIK Narcotic Test Q - Ephedrine

NIK Narcotic Test R - Valium / Rohypnol

NIK Narcotic Test T - Ketamine

NIK Narcotic Test U - Methamphetamine

NIK Narcotic Test W - Amphetamines / Methadone / PMA

NIK P-10 Report Pad

NIK Self-Training CD

ODV Bath Salts Test

ODV NarcoPouch Instructor Training CD

ODV NarcoPouch Professional Kit

ODV NarcoPouch Sixty Kit

ODV NarcoPouch Squad Pack

ODV NarcoPouch Test - 902: Marquis Reagent - General Screening

ODV NarcoPouch Test - 903: Nitric Acid Reagent - Confirming Test

ODV NarcoPouch Test - ODV 901: General Screening

ODV NarcoPouch Test - ODV 904B: Cocaine Reagent

ODV NarcoPouch Test - ODV 905: Barbiturates

ODV NarcoPouch Test - ODV 906: Mandelin Reagent - Methadone

ODV NarcoPouch Test - ODV 907: LSD

ODV NarcoPouch Test - ODV 908: Marijuana, Hashish and Hash Oil

ODV NarcoPouch Test - ODV 909: Marijuana, Hashish and Hash Oil

ODV NarcoPouch Test - ODV 910: Acid Neutralizer

ODV NarcoPouch Test - ODV 912: Morris Reagent

ODV NarcoPouch Test - ODV 914: PCP and Methaqualone

ODV NarcoPouch Test - ODV 922: Opiates, Oxycodone and Heroin

ODV NarcoPouch Test - ODV 923: Methamphetamine and MDMA

ODV NarcoPouch Test - ODV 924: Heroin - White, Brown and Black Tar

ODV NarcoPouch Test - ODV 925: Valium, Ketamine and Rohypnol

ODV NarcoPouch Test - ODV 926: Pentazocine - Talwin

ODV NarcoPouch Test - ODV 927: Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine

ODV NarcoPouch Test - ODV 928: GHB

ODV NarcoPouch Test - ODV 929: Psilocybin - Magic Mushrooms

Temperature Strips - 100 count

Urine Sample Beakers


Tyvek Coveralls - Body w/Head and Feet

Tyvek Coveralls - Body


Forensic Source Shoe Cover W/Vinyl Sole - Pair

Forensic Source Vinyl POLICE Marker Boots


Bio-Foam Impression Kit

Inkless Shoe Print Kit


Large Telescoping Inspection Mirror

Telescoping Inspection Mirror