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Lightning Lifts - 100 pk

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Lightning Lifts - 100 pk

2 x 2-inchOur Price $18.60
Retail $20.00 | You Save 7%
No: 43-6425 | Mfg: 1-2022
2 x 4-inchOur Price $25.11
Retail $27.00 | You Save 7%
No: 43-6426 | Mfg: 1-2024
4 x 4-inchOur Price $32.55
Retail $35.00 | You Save 7%
No: 43-6427 | Mfg: 1-2044

Forensic Source Lightning Lifts are clear, pre-cut latent print lifters. The lifter is held by a black tab at the top which keeps fingerprints off the lift. Writing on the tab ensures that you are viewing the print from the correct side. The lifter is peeled apart and used just as a strip of lifting tape. Place the adhesive side on the latent print, rub it down and lift. The Lightning Lift can then be placed together again or adhered to the appropriate size and color backing card. Lightning Lifts are available in three different sizes for any type of print you may encounter.

Lightning Lifts Features:

• Sizes: 2"x2", 2"x4", 4"x4"
• Sold in packs of 100