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Duty Gloves, Exam Gloves and Dress Gloves



Cold Weather








Search & Rescue




Touch Sensitive

Traffic Control



Hatch FLG250 ShearStop Cycle Gloves

Hatch PC290 Bike Patrol Glove - Lycra

Hatch SUB100 Special Unit Bike Patrol Gloves


BlackHawk Fleece Tac Gloves
 Closeout Value 

Hatch APG30 Artic Patrol Gloves

Hatch EWS530 Elite Winter Specialist Glove

Hatch NS430 Specilalist Neoprene Glove

Hatch NS430L Winter Specialist Neoprene Glove

Hatch WPG100 Winter Patrol Gloves


Hatch WG1000S Cotton Parade / Class A Gloves

HWI PAR600 Parade Glove

Parade Glove with Grip Palm - White


5.11 Scene One Glove

5.11 Station Grip Gloves

5.11 TAC A2 Gloves

5.11 Taclite 2 Gloves

BlackHawk Neoprene Patrol Gloves

Hatch CT250 CoolTac Duty Gloves

Hatch SG20P Dura-Thin Unlined Duty Gloves

Hatch SGX11 Street Guard with X11 Liner

Hatch TSK323 Task Leather Light Glove

Hatch TSK324 Task Medium Glove

HWI CG Combat Glove

HWI FMG100 3/4 Finger Fleece Knit Glove

HWI HDG100 Hairsheep Duty Glove

HWI LWG100 Long Gauntlet Winter Glove

HWI ND100 Neoprene Duty Glove

HWI ND100L Neoprene Duty Glove / Lined

HWI ULD100 Knit All Day Duty Glove

HWI WCG100 Winter Cut Resistant Duty Glove

Ringers R-517 Duty Plus Gloves
 Closeout Value 


Adenna 5 mil - Blue Nitrile Powder Free Exam Gloves

Adenna 5 mil - Gold Latex Powder Free Exam Gloves

Life Guard High Risk Exam Gloves - 15 mil - Powder Free

Life Guard High Risk Exam Gloves - 8 mil Blue Nitrile

Phantom Black Tactical Latex 5 mil Exam Gloves - Powder Free

Shadow Black Tactical Nitrile 5 mil Exam Gloves - Powder Free


Ringers Barrier 1 Extrication Gloves
 Closeout Value 


Hatch HMG-FR Series Fire-Resistant Mechanic's with NOMEX

Hatch HMG100 Mechanic's Gloves

Ringers Authentic Gloves
 Closeout Value 


Tour Master Airflow Gloves

Tourmaster 100% Silk Glove Liners
 Closeout Value 

Tourmaster Custom Midweight Glove

Tourmaster Polar Fleece Glove Liners
 Closeout Value 

Tourmaster Polar-Tex Gloves

Tourmaster Select Summer Glove


Hatch MP100 Defender Gloves

Hatch SP100 Defender II Gloves


CMC Rescue Rappel Gloves

CMC Rescue Rigger Gloves

Ringers R-314 Extrication Gloves - Short Cuff
 Closeout Value 

Ringers R-355 Rope Rescue Gloves
 Closeout Value 


Hatch FM2000 Friskmaster with Cut-Resistant Spectra

Hatch PPG2 ArmorTip Puncture Protective Gloves

Hatch RFK300 Resister with 100% Kevlar Lining

Hatch SB8500 Friskmaster Duty Glove

Hatch SB8500 Friskmaster Duty Glove

Hatch SB8500 Friskmaster Duty Glove

Hatch SGK100 Street Guard with Kevlar

Hatch TSK325 Task Medium Glove with Kevlar Lining

HWI DGS100 Level 5 Duty Glove

HWI DLD100 Dyneema Lined Duty Glove

HWI KLD100 Duty Glove w/Kevlar

HWI KPD100 Duty Glove w/Kevlar Palm

HWI PCG100 Search Pro Puncture Cut Protective Glove


Hatch KSG500 Shooting Gloves w/Kevlar - Short Cuff

Hatch Rogers Shooting Glove


5.11 TAC AK2 Gloves

BlackHawk S.O.L.A.G. Full Finger Gloves w/Kevlar
 Closeout Value 

BlackHawk S.O.L.A.G. Special Ops 1/2 Finger Light Assault Gloves
 Closeout Value 

CamelBak Max Grip NT Gloves
 Closeout Value 

Hatch BNG Nomex Flight Gloves

Hatch LR25 & LR10 Reactor Leather Rappel Gloves
 Closeout Value 

Hatch RHK25 Reactor Hard Knuckle Glove

Hatch SOG Operator Series Tactical Gloves - Black

Hatch SOG Operator Shorty Tactical Gloves

Hatch TSK326 Task Heavy Knuckle Glove

Hatch TSK327 Task Heavy SOGL Glove

Hatch TSK328C Task SOGL Synthetic Glove

Hatch TSK329 Task SOGHK Nomex Glove

Hatch TSK330C Task Heavy SOGHK LT Glove

HWI HKTG Hard Knuckle Tactical Glove

HWI K9100 K-9 Handler Glove

HWI RPL100 Rappelling Glove

Ringers R-557 Carbon Tactical Gloves
 Closeout Value 

Wiley X Aries Flight Gloves

Wiley X CAG-1 Combat Assault Gloves

Wiley X Durtac All-Purpose Glove

Wiley X Hybrid Gloves

Wiley X Orion Flight Gloves

Wiley X Paladin Combat Gloves

Wiley X Raptor Combat Gloves

Wiley X TAG-1 Tactical Assault Gloves


Hatch TDG-100 Patrolman Touch Screen Duty Glove

Hatch TUG-100 Technician Touchscreen Utility Glove

Hatch TWG-100 Patrolman with CoolMax Touch Screen Duty Glove

HWI CTS100 Cut Resistant Touchscreen Glove

HWI FTS100 Touchscreen Fleece Glove

HWI KTS100 Hard Knuckle Touchscreen Glove

HWI MG Mechanic Touchscreen Glove

HWI TSFG Touchscreen Summer Flyers Glove

HWI UTS100 Unlined Touchscreen Duty Glove


Hatch DNR100 DayNite Traffic Control Gloves

Hatch RTG100 Reflective Traffic Gloves

Hatch TSK331 Task Hi Viz Glove

HWI REF700 3M Reflective Glove


Hatch BR607 Mesh Back Gloves

Hatch PWC200 Para Push Wheelchair Gloves - Full Thumb

Hatch TP100 Wheelchair Quad Push Gloves - Rubber Palm

Hatch WC100 Wheelchair Quad Push Gloves - Leather Palm