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Sunglasses, Range & Tactical Eye Protection



Bifocal Safety/Shooting Glasses


Replacement Lenses

Search and Rescue

Shooting Glasses



Elvex Protective Cases for Safety Glasses

ESS 5B Replacement Lenses

ESS CDI Prescription Insert

ESS Cross-Series Hard Protective Case

ESS Crossbow Eyeshield Replacement Nosepiece

ESS Crossbow Replacement Tri-Tech Frame - Black

ESS Crossbow Replacement Tri-Tech Frame - Coyote Brown

ESS Crossbow Suppressor Replacement Frame

ESS Eyeshield Elastic Retention Strap

ESS ICE Frame and Nose Piece Kit

ESS ICE NARO Frame and Nose Piece Kit

ESS P-2B Prescription Insert

ESS Profile NVG / Striker SpeedSleeves

ESS Profile NVG Tear-Off Lens Covers

ESS Profile Profile NVG - TurboFan - FirePro Goggle Lenses

ESS Soft Goggle Carrying Case

ESS URx Prescription Insert

ESS Vice Rx Prescription Insert


Elvex Go-Specs II, Black/Grey Frame Eye Protection

Elvex Go-Specs RX Bifocal Eye Protection

Elvex Sonoma Bifocal Eye Protection


5.11 CAVU HF Eyewear

5.11 Climb Eyewear - Polarized

5.11 Climb Eyewear

5.11 Raid Eyewear

5.11 Shear Eyewear - Polarized

5.11 Shear Eyewear

5.11 SlickStick Carry Case Eyewear

5.11 Soar Eyewear

ESS 5B Black Frame w/Mirrored Copper Lenses

ESS 5B Black Frame w/Polarized Mirrored Gray Lenses

ESS 5B Black Frame w/Smoke Gray Lenses

ESS 5B Gray Frame w/Mirrored Gray Lenses

ESS CDI Sunglasses - Desert Tan

ESS CDI Sunglasses

ESS CDI with Polarized Mirrored Gray Lenses

ESS Crossbow ONE

ESS Crossbow Polar ONE

ESS ICE Eyeshield 3-Lens

Wiley X Black Ops Airrage Sunglasses

Wiley X Black Ops Brick Sunglasses

Wiley X Black Ops P-17 Sunglasses

Wiley X Black Ops Slay Sunglasses

Wiley X Black Ops WX Gravity Sunglasses

Wiley X Black Ops WX Saint Sunglasses

Wiley X Black Ops WX Twisted Sunglasses

Wiley X Black Ops WX Valor Sunglasses


ESS CDI MAX Sunglasses

ESS CDI Replacement Lenses

ESS Crossbow Replacement Lenses

ESS Crosshair Series Replacement Lenses

ESS Crosshair Tri-Tech Fit Frame & Nosepiece

ESS ICE NARO Replacement Lenses

ESS ICE Replacement Lenses

ESS Rollbar - Replacement Lenses


ESS Striketeam XTO Goggles


Bobster Ambush Convertable

Bobster Charger Sunglasses

Bobster ESB Shooting Glasses

Bobster Foamerz II Sunglasses

Bobster Scarlet Woman's Sunglasses

Bobster Shield III Sunglasses

Bobster XRH Convertible Sunglasses

Bolle Combat Ballistic Hybrid Glasses

Bolle Tactical SWAT Sunglasses

Elvex Acer Eye Protection

Elvex Avion Eye Protection

Elvex Brow-Specs Eye Protection

Elvex Flex-Pro Eye Protection

Elvex Go-Specs II Eye Protection - Digital Desert Camo

Elvex OVR-Specs II

Elvex Ranger Eye Protection
 Closeout Value 

Elvex Sonoma Eye Protection

Elvex Sphere-X Ultimate Eye Protection

Elvex Trix Safety Glasses Eye Protection

Elvex XTS Extraterrestrial Eye Protection

ESS Credence - Black Frame w/Mirrored Copper Lenses

ESS Credence - Black Frame w/Smoke Gray Lenses

ESS Credence - Gray Frame w/Mirrored Copper Lenses

ESS Credence - Gray Frame w/Polarized Gray Lenses

ESS Crossbow 2X Dual-Eyeshield Kit

ESS Crossbow Suppressor ONE Eyeshield

ESS Rollbar - Black Frame w/Black ESS Logo

ESS Rollbar - Black Frame w/Silver ESS Logo

ESS Rollbar Tactical - 3 Lenses

Howard Leight Genesis Eye Protection

Howard Leight Vapor Protective Eyewear

Wiley X Saber Advanced Sunglasses


Bobster Alpha Interchangeable Ballistic Goggle

Bobster Echo Convertable Sunglasses/Goggles

Bolle X1000 Tactical Goggles
 Closeout Value 

Bolle X900 Tactical Goggles

ESS Crosshair 2x Eyeshield Kit

ESS Crosshair 3LS Eyeshield Kit

ESS Crosshair ONE Eyeshield Kit

ESS Flight Deck Goggle

ESS Influx AVS Goggle

ESS Profile NVG Goggles - Asian-Fit

ESS Profile NVG Goggle

ESS Profile Pivot Helmet Mounted Goggle

ESS Profile TurboFan Goggles

ESS Striker Land Ops Goggle

ESS Tactical XT Goggle

ESS Vehicle Ops Goggle

Wiley X Airrage Sunglasses

Wiley X Nerve Tactical Goggle

Wiley X PT-1 Changeable Sunglasses

Wiley X Romer 3

Wiley X SG-1 Interchangeable Goggles/Sunglasses

Wiley X Spear Goggle

Wiley X Talon Sunglasses