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Safariland/NIK Flex-Cuf Nylon Restraints

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Safariland/NIK Flex-Cuf Nylon Restraints

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The Safariland Flex-Cuf was designed to be a quick, temporary alternative to handcuffs. The Flex-Cuf features a unique Strength Barb System contained within the Flex-Cuf head that makes them virtually pick proof. The integrated spring metal tang ensure the cuffs cannot be pulled apart. The smooth inside surface, combined with rounded edges, were designed to minimize the chance of abrasion or tissue damage. Nylon construction offers dimensional stability as well as flexibility.

Safariland Flex-Cuf Features:

• Unique Strength Barb System
• Cuffs are virtually pick proof
• 22 inches long x 5/16 inches wide
• Rounded edges to prevent abrasion
• Lightweight and easy to use
• 300 lb. tensile strength
• Provide maximum containment
• Firmly holds wrist, arm or ankle
• Reduces the risk of escape
• Ideal for riot or civil disorder situations
• Available in White or Black
• Formally known as NIK Flex-Cuf

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