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ESS ICE 2.4mm Interchangeable Lenses

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ESS ICE 2.4mm Interchangeable Lenses

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No: 78-2020

ESS Modular Technology™ allows all lenses to be quickly and inexpensively interchanged. As either single lenses, ICE™ Eyeshield replacement lenses are available in Clear, Smoke Gray, Hi-Def Copper and Hi-Def Yellow.

These ESS ICE replacement lenses are ANSI Z78.1+ rated.

Note on Size: These lenses are not compatible with the smaller ICE NARO™ eyeshield--please double-check your eyeshield model before ordering.

Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) represents the percentage of light allowed to pass through a lens. For example, a lens with a VLT of 23 admits 23% of visible (non-UV) light, filtering out the remaining 77%. The lower the VLT, the darker the lens.

Lens colors and treatments are also important.

ESS Lens Chart:

• CLEAR-VLT: 90, For use indoors or at night. Has no influence on contrast or color.
• SMOKE GRAY-VLT: 15, For medium to bright light. An allpurpose daytime lens with unbiased influence on color.
• HI-DEF YELLOW-VLT: 85, For flat to very low light. A highcontrast lens for overcast or extremely low light conditions.
• HI-DEF COPPER-VLT: 32, For flat to medium light. Improves contrast & depth perception in blues& greens.