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MMC America Test Kits - Phenethylamines - 10 Ampoules per box

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MMC America Test Kits - Phenethylamines - 10 Ampoules per box

Our Price $12.95 | No: 41-2071 | Mfg: MMC-PHEN

This MMC America drug test is used for the presumptive identification of Phenethylamines (2C's).

Unlike other presumptive drug testing kits, the MMC America kits contain no dangerous liquids and do not require the use of an acid neutralizer. This revolutionary new design eliminates any potential danger to officers when using these kits in the field.

The hermetically-sealed, pre-scored glass test ampoules are filled with specially treated solid crystals which are impregnated with the highest quality reagents and then blanketed with a high purity nitrogen gas. Unlike other drug testing kits, MMC America kits will maintain their bright colors indicating a positive test result for a longer period of time*, allowing you to present the test kit in court if probable cause questions should arise. With no hazardous chemicals to be concerned with, disposal of the kits after testing or use in court is done by simply tossing the used ampoule in a trash can.

* Color retention may vary depending on amount and purity of the drug.

MMC America Test Kits - Phenethylamines Test Identifies:

• 2C-B Yellow, changing to green, and then fading over time
• 2C-C Yellow, changing to light green, and then fading over time
• 2C-D Yellow-brown fading to reddish brown
• 2C-E Dark Brown
• 2C-H Dark Green
• 2C-I Green-blue with yellow edges, fades to blue, fades over time
• 2C-P Yellow-brown fading to Rusty Brown
• 2C-N Dark brown with green edges
• 2C-T-2 Black/dark purple fading to orangy-red
• 2C-T-4 Black/dark purple fading to reddish-orange
• 2C-T-7 Black/dark purple, fading slowly if at all
• DOB Olive Green to yellow
• DOI Dark Green
• DOM Yellow to Green
• DOC Yellow, changing to green. Slow to develop
• 25C-NBOMe Yellow, slow
• 25D-NBOMe Brown, maybe a hint of green
• 25I-NBOMe Light Brown to dark Brown

MMC America Test Kits - Phenethylamines Features:

• Safe, easy to use, & economical
• No environmental risks/concerns
• One step tests (one ampoule only)
• Results within seconds
• High reliability and consistency
• Accurate and sensitive
• 10 narcotic test ampoules per box