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Hoppe's Elite Copper Terminator - 4 oz. Bottle

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Hoppe's Elite Copper Terminator - 4 oz. Bottle

Our Price $9.39 | You Save 18% | Retail $11.45
No: 64-2521 | Mfg: ECC4

The Hoppe's Elite Copper Terminator creates a powerful system when combined eith Hoppe's Elite Gunb Cleaner. The gun cleaner removes the carbon -- which typicall slows the copper etching process. The Copper Terminator etches away all remaining copper fouling. This process is faster than ammonia-based products and conditions the bore so copper does not build up so quickly.

• Up to 4x faster than other copper removal systems
• Ammonia-free & virtually odorless
• Non-hazardous, non-flamable formula
• Completely safe on bore steel