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First Defense Aerosol Grenade - 1.3 MC - 1.0 oz. - Fogger

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First Defense Aerosol Grenade - 1.3 MC - 1.0 oz. - Fogger

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No: 42-2475 | Mfg: 56814

The First Defense® Aerosol Grenade by Defense Technology was designed as an operator controlled instantaneous initiated non-pyrotechnic aerosol grenade. It was designed for indoor use, contains no CFCs, is not a fire hazard and requires minimal decontamination.

The Aerosol Grenade incorporates a lock-top actuation mechanism that once fully depressed, immediately begins discharging contents. This mechanism can be initiated single handedly, allowing the operator uninhibited use of their free hand. Discharge time is less than 15 seconds, permitting maximum diffusion of irritant to intended target area.

The Aerosol Grenade is designed for use in tactical indoor operations by law enforcement and corrections personnel when a non fire producing instantaneous delivery system is desired. It is most effective when used in confined areas or deployed close to the target.

The purpose of the Aerosol Grenade is to minimize the risks to all parties through pain compliance, temporary discomfort and/or incapacitation of potentially violent or dangerous subjects.

The Aerosol Grenade is ideal for situations where the use of pyrotechnic, powder, or liquid devices is not practical or desired. The Major Capsaicinoids 1.3% provides sufficient effects in confined areas of up to 6,000 cubic feet such as attics, crawl spaces, garages, and interior rooms.

First Defense® Aerosol Grenade, 1 ounce by Defense Technology Specs

• Diameter: 1.375 in / 3.5 cm
• Length: 3.80 in / 9.7 cm
• Initiation: Lock Top Actuator
• Active Agent: OC Major Capsaicinoids 1.3%
• Formulation Weight: 1 oz
• Discharge Time: Less than 15 seconds
• Launchable: No
• Part No.: 56814
• Warranty: 5 years from date of manufacture