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Falcon Lapel Microphone - Quick Release

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Falcon Lapel Microphone - Quick Release

Our Price $74.40 to $98.20 | You Save 8% | Retail $81.20 to $107.17
No: 83-5320

The Falcon Lapel Microphone brings the ease of communication to a whole new level.

The Falcon Lapel Microphone is a lightweight directional lapel microphone that has been designed to attach securely by a soft earhook. The earhook may be worn comfortably for hours. The microphone is discreet and sensitive to a whisper. The Falcon unit can easily be worn under a shirt which allows the user to keep their immediate area free of wires.

We Recommend Quick Release: Quick Release option costs only a few dollars more, buth there are many cost-saving benfits.

This innovation allows the user to disconnect the microphone from the radio without removing the radio adapter.

4 Reasons To Choose Quick Release

• Reduce wear & tear on the radio
• Replacements are more affordable
• Features easy & secure attachment & release
• Conveniently switch between different accessories

Falcon Lapel Microphone w/Quick Release Features:

• Discreet & durable directional lapel microphone
• Soft rubber earhook
• Whisper-sensitive microphone
• Comfortable and practical design
• Polyurethane-jacketed, Kevlar-lined cables for extended life
• 1 year warranty on all parts
• Quick Release radio adapter
Click Here for Radio Connector Reference Guide

Falcon Lapel Microphone - Mic Kit without Quick Release Adapter

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Falcon Lapel Microphone - Mic Kit without Quick Release Adapter

Our Price $34.70 | You Save 8% | Retail $37.87
No: 83-5334 | Mfg: EP305QR

Replacement microphone and ear piece elements with Quick Release only. Radio adapter can be purchased seperately.