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DUI Enforcement

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DUI Enforcement

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A comprehensive guide for supervisors and officers working Drunk Driving Enforcement, it combines all aspects of DUI enforcement into one preliminary investigation manual. Learn how to maximize your enforcement efforts and prepare for court by learning the three defense strategies and by reviewing 55 questions most frequently asked by defense attorneys. Includes the three Detection Steps, including the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests from NHTSA, and a ready to use Sobriety Checkpoint guide.

Author Information: William Cavenaugh - M.S.

Bill retired as a Captain form the Laguna Beach Police Department after 30 years of service in California. The majority of his career was spent in uniform, assigned to traffic enforcement as a motorcycle officer during which time he made thousands of arrests for DUI. Since 1986 he has conducted a one-week long POST approved course on DUI enforcement. The course has regularly been one of the highest rated course in California POST training. Bill also recently retired as a Colonel form the Marine Corps Reserve after thirty-six years of service.

Bill is the recipient of MADD, USA?s Lifetime Achievement award for his contribution to DUI enforcement. In 2004, Bill received the Governor?s Award for Life Time Achievement in California law enforcement training, primarily for his efforts in DUI enforcement education.

DUI Enforcement Table of Contents:

• Chapter 1 Understanding the Problem
• Chapter 2 DUI Driving Cues
• Chapter 3 The Traffic Stop
• Chapter 4 Recognizing the Impaired Driver
• Chapter 5 Pre-Miranda Questioning
• Chapter 6 Field Sobriety Tests
• Chapter 7 Preliminary Breath Testing
• Chapter 8 The Arrest Decision
• Chapter 9 Report Writing
• Chapter 10 The Judicial Process
• Chapter 11 Perceptions from the Bench
• Chapter 12 DUI Prosecution
• Chapter 13 DUI Defense
• Chapter 14 Sobriety Checkpoints
• Chapter 15 Your Resume
• Chapter 16 Ethics of DUI Enforcement
• Appendix A Blood Alcohol Charts
• Appendix B The ?Chug-a-Lug? Defense
• Appendix C Alcohol Workshop
• Appendix D MADD ? Mothers Against Drunk Drivers
• Appendix E NHTSA Validated FST
• Appendix F Designing a DUI Investigation Form
• Appendix G Effects of Alcohol & Drugs on the Body