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Crane Extreme Bone Conduction Boom Microphone
Crane Extreme Bone Conduction Boom Microphone

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Crane Extreme Bone Conduction Boom Microphone

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The Crane Extreme Bone Conduction Boom Microphone's key feature that sets it apart from the competition is the unprecedented AMBIDEXTROUS threaded connection at the speaker housing. This feature allows the user to connect the external microphones to either the left or the right side promoting field versatility.

Microphones: The primary external microphone is a noise cancellation boom microphone. In addition, the headset package also includes the Tactical EarGadgets™ Cobra noise cancellation throat microphone, which can make the crucial difference if conditions change during a mission. When a gas mask is required, the boom microphone & throat microphone can work simultaneously or apart to deliver ultimate communication results that are imperative to mission success.

Speakers: The Crane Extreme's fundamental feature is the application of bone conduction technology, which facilitates unobstructed auditory situational awareness.

Accessories Included With Core Headset Kit: The complete Crane Extreme headset package includes a pair of Comply™ Foam 29 NRR eartips designed to effectively shield your ears from damage, while still supporting complete situational awareness.

Also included with the Crane Extreme is the Scorpion Wireless PTT kit, which includes: A wireless PTT transmitter with several mounting options including a Picatinny rail mount, and large button PTT receiver. The kit allows the user to keep their hands on their weapon when it matters most. The kit is easy to pair and there are no batteries to charge.

Crane Extreme Bone Conduction Boom Microphone Features:

• Ambidextrous feature for left or right side microphone use
• Boom & throat microphone work together or separately
• Hands-free wireless finger PPT transmitter
• Large button receiver kit with various mounting options
• 29 NRR Comply Ear Tip sound protection

Crane Extreme PTT Mounting Options:

• Finger
• Picatinny Rail
• Strap
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