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Cougar Two-Wire Microphone Kit - Hardwired
Cougar Two-Wire Microphone Kit - Hardwired

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Cougar Two-Wire Microphone Kit - Hardwired

Our Price $41.65 to $76.50 | You Save 8% | Retail $45.44 to $83.40
No: 83-5450

The Cougar 2-wire kit is both professional and efficient in serving a diverse assortment of work industries.

A product once thought to be exclusive to surveillance operations now has established a presence and purpose in a wide span of industries. The Film and Entertainment industry, Hotels, Casinos, Airports, Manufacturing Plants, and virtually an working environment where a high efficiency level of communication is required benefit from using the 2-wire kit. The microphone fits comfortably in your hand and offers an easy to feel rubberized Push-to-Talk button. The cables are long enough for any body type. An extra strain relief has been added, which provides less tension at the connector. The Cougar 2-wire kit is delivered complete with clear acoustic tube earpiece, left and right fitted rubber ear-molds, and two rubber tips.

Cougar Two-Wire Microphone Kit Features:

• Fits easily in the palm or as a clip-on microphone
• Absolutely discreet and sensitive to a whisper
• Left & Right Ear Molds
• Dual Strain Relief
• Optional Quick Release radio adapter
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