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CMC Rescue HMD SKED Stretcher System - Yellow

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CMC Rescue HMD SKED Stretcher System - Yellow

Our Price $338.00 | No: 35-3190 | Mfg: 752507

The Mass Casualty -- Haz-Mat Decontaminable (HMD) SKED is a variation of the classic SKED Stretcher design intended for ease of use in mass casualty or hazardous material incidents where terrorists using Weapons of Mass destruction or any other Haz-Mat incident requiring level A protection occur.

The HMD Sked is extremely versatile. It can be dragged over virtually any terrain including stairways. It requires less effort from rescuers wearing level A protection.

Patients can be rolled or dragged onto the HMD Sked rather than lifting. This creates less rescuer fatigue and allows many more victims to be saved. A downed rescuer can be roll loaded by using his air tank for leverage and evacuated before the standby rescuers can zip up and be duct taped. This allows his rescue without committing the standby team. Polypropylene straps are resistant to chemicals and the two-inch side release buckles are easy to operate even with thick gloves.

A rope is attached to the tow strap of the HMD Sked for towing out of the Hot Zone by rescuers at decon, which allows saving energy and precious air of the level A rescuer. This results in many more victims being saved.

HMD Skeds can be rolled 1-4 per bundle for easy storage in compartments of rescue or fire apparatus. This allows for rapid use by units first on the scene.

Mass Casualty Incidents The HMD SKED can be stored flat on pallets with the straps packaged separately. This allows quick movement of a large number of stretchers to an incident with a large number of patients such as a plane crash or explosion. Pallets of 50 to 200 HMD stretchers can be moved by truck or airlifted by helicopter. Efficient tactics facilitate the rapid movement of patients.

HMD SKED Stretcher System Specs:

• Size: Rolled up - 9 inch diameter x 36 inch length
• Size: Laid flat - 3 feet x 8 feet
• Weight: 12.6 pounds with straps attached
• Material: Low density E-Z glide non-absorbing polyethylene plastic
• Temperature range: Begins to melt 450° F to 500° F
• Usability to 120° below zero without becoming brittle
• System components: HMD Sked stretcher body, Removable strap set
• Available in Yellow

HMD SKED Stretcher System Features:

• 2" polypropylene straps with loops sewn into the ends
• Easy attachment to die cut slots around edges
• 2" double adjustable side release plastic buckles
• Same shape as the original Sked
• Easy to use
• Cut in hand holds
• Easily decontaminated
• Easy to load and unload patients without lifting
• Drags easily over virtually any surface
• HMD Skeds do not absorb chemicals
• HMD Sked is the easiest HAZ-MAT litter to use anywhere