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BlackHawk Knoxx Breachersgrip

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BlackHawk Knoxx Breachersgrip

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No: 26-2815

Based on the highly effective Knoxx SpecOps Stock, the Knoxx Breachers shotgun pistol grip cuts recoil in half and makes firing breaching rounds or heavy loads painless and easy. This product is so effective in reducing painful recoil that a Breachers Grip equipped shotgun can be used effectively one handed, even with magnum loads. Ideal for home defense or close quarters combat, the Breachers Grip is available for most Remington, Winchester, Mossberg series pump shotguns. Attach a sling and your shotgun is ready when you need it or out of the way when you don't.

BlackHawk Knoxx Breachersgrip Features:

• Single recoil-compensation system reduces felt recoil
• Ergonomic pistol grip with integrated non-slip texturing
• Comfortable one-handed operation
• Compact design for easy storage
• Patented Recoil Reducing Technology

Integrated recoil compensation system

• 75% reduction in perceived felt recoil
• Eliminates painful recoil
• Eliminates shooter fatigue & recoil related wrist or hand injuries
• Increased accuracy and faster follow-up shots
• Cuts muzzle rise to get back on target faster
• Increased confidence & effectiveness in shotgun Utilization
• Reduced liability, injuries and training costs
• Better control when utilizing breaching rounds or high base ammo

Compact Design

• Reduced overall size for improved storage options/ideal for quick use
• Ideal for tactical entry or home defense shotguns

"Super Tough" Polymer and Alloy construction

• Well proven materials for years of rugged and reliable service
• Corrosion resistant materials for use in all weather conditions
• Built tough for law enforcement and military environment

Integrated Metal Sling Stud

• Easy sling installation

Ergonomic Pistol Grip with Integrated Non-Slip Texturing

• Improved shooter control and comfort

Single Bolt Installation (Pre-installed bolt & lock washer)

• Quick and easy single bolt installation