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BlackHawk Hallagan Tool

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BlackHawk Hallagan Tool

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Our Price $191.95 | No: 26-8007 | Mfg: DE-HT


The Hallagan Tool by BlackHawk is designed specifically for potentially dangerous and volatile environments. Dynamic Entry's Non-Sparking Hallagan Tool™ features a composite construction that will not spark when struck or during prying operations. The ergonomically designed handle system ensures proper hand placement and is electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC. The casting designs increase leverage for both the fork and horn working ends.

Hallagan Tool by BlackHawk Features:

• Non-sparking & electrically non-conductive to 100,000 V AC
• Features a fork & horn end for prying & breaching
• Handles will not absorb glass shards & are self-extinguishing
• Ergonomically designed handle
• No slipping of hands onto the working ends of the bar
• Horn is effective for breaching padlocks with sledge hammer

Hallagan Tool by BlackHawk Specs:

• Length: 29.5"
• Weight: 8 lbs.

This product is not for sale to the general public and must be shipped direct to a law enforcement agency or military destination. Click here for more information.

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