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Bianchi B12 Reversible Sport Stitched Belt - 1-1/2 inch

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Bianchi B12 Reversible Sport Stitched Belt - 1-1/2 inch

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No: 14-1810

Tan Finish

A narrower version of the original fancy stitched belt. Natural oil finish on one side, suede on the other. Plain finish, tan with fancy stitching. Available in 32" - 46" waist sizes.

Bianchi B12 Reversable Sport Stitched Belt Features:

• Full grain leather with natural oil finish
• 1-1/2 inches wide
• Suede lining
• Reversible
• Fancy stitch design
• Solid brass buckle
• Specify exact waist size
• Sizes: 32" - 46"

FOR A PERFECT FIT, Bianchi dress belts are measured from the middle hole to the tip of the buckle tongue. To find your proper size, try on a pair of trousers that fit well and measure around the outside of the waistband at the position where you would wear a belt. The measurement is your correct belt size. If there's less than a 5" difference between your hip and waist measurement, order a size smaller than your normal waist size.