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Astra Hirose Quick Disconnect Adapter

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Astra Hirose Quick Disconnect Adapter - Closeout

Motorola Radio MO-2 Stock: 1 Closeout $79.35
Retail $115.00
No: 83-3070-000 | Mfg: AP-A045HR
Motorola Radio MO-4 SOLD OUT Closeout $79.35
Retail $115.00
No: 83-3071-000 | Mfg: AP-A035HR
Motorola Radio MO-7 SOLD OUT Closeout $79.35
Retail $115.00
No: 83-3072-000 | Mfg: AP-A065HR
Motorola Radio MO-8 SOLD OUT Closeout $86.25
Retail $125.00
No: 83-3074-000 | Mfg: AP-A075HR
Kenwood Radio KE-2 SOLD OUT Closeout $79.35
Retail $115.00
No: 83-3073-000 | Mfg: AP-A012HR

Replacement adapter that allows ARC Hirose series mics with 6 pin hirose connector to adapt to Motorola HT1000, XTS2500, XTS3000, XTS5000, MTS2000, MT2000 radios.

Hirose Adapters available for the following radios:

• Motorola = MO-2, MO-4, MO-7 and MO-8
• Kenwood = KE-2
• M/A-Com
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