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Astra B42 Single Wire Tactical Boom Microphone System

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Astra B42 Single Wire Tactical Boom Microphone System - Closeout

Motorola Radios MO-1 SOLD OUT Closeout $61.41
Retail $89.00
No: 83-1200-000 | Mfg: B42005
Motorola Radios MO-2 Stock: 2 Closeout $72.45
Retail $105.00
No: 83-1201-000 | Mfg: B42045
Motorola Radios MO-3 SOLD OUT Closeout $65.55
Retail $95.00
No: 83-1202-000 | Mfg: B42015
Motorola Radios MO-4 SOLD OUT Closeout $72.45
Retail $105.00
No: 83-1203-000 | Mfg: B42035
Motorola Radios MO-5 SOLD OUT Closeout $61.41
Retail $89.00
No: 83-1204-000 | Mfg: B42025
Motorola Radios MO-6 SOLD OUT Closeout $72.45
Retail $105.00
No: 83-1205-000 | Mfg: B42055
Kenwood Radios KE-1 SOLD OUT Closeout $61.41
Retail $89.00
No: 83-1206-000 | Mfg: B42002
Kenwood Radios KE-2 SOLD OUT Closeout $72.45
Retail $105.00
No: 83-1207-000 | Mfg: B42012
ICOM Radios IC-1 SOLD OUT Closeout $61.41
Retail $89.00
No: 83-1208-000 | Mfg: B42001
ICOM Radios IC-2 SOLD OUT Closeout $61.41
Retail $89.00
No: 83-1209-000 | Mfg: B42011
ICOM Radios IC-3 SOLD OUT Closeout $65.55
Retail $95.00
No: 83-1210-000 | Mfg: B42021
ICOM Radios IC-4 SOLD OUT Closeout $72.45
Retail $105.00
No: 83-1211-000 | Mfg: B42031
Maxon/Midland Radios MM-1 SOLD OUT Closeout $61.41
Retail $89.00
No: 83-1212-000 | Mfg: B42003
Maxon/Midland Radios MM-2 SOLD OUT Closeout $65.55
Retail $95.00
No: 83-1213-000 | Mfg: B42013
M/A-Com Radios MA-1 SOLD OUT Closeout $72.45
Retail $105.00
No: 83-1214-000 | Mfg: B42006
M/A-Com Radios MA-2 SOLD OUT Closeout $72.45
Retail $105.00
No: 83-1215-000 | Mfg: B42016
Vertex Radios VX-1 SOLD OUT Closeout $61.41
Retail $89.00
No: 83-1216-000 | Mfg: B42004
Vertex Radios VX-2 SOLD OUT Closeout $72.45
Retail $105.00
No: 83-1217-000 | Mfg: B42014
Vertex Radios VX-3 SOLD OUT Closeout $72.45
Retail $105.00
No: 83-1218-000 | Mfg: B42024

The B42 Series mic is a behind the head boom mic. It's durable frame can easily be adjusted to fit all head sizes. The boom mic is also made of a durable metal linkage that is protected with a rubber coating, making adjusting the mic very easy. Like the B41, it too has a junction box ptt, which easily activates the mic and can be tactically placed on the belt or on the chest depending on what application it's needed if for. An optional PTT can also attach to the unit allowing remote activation. This unit is popular with S.W.A.T. teams, security, law enforcement, and movie production crews.


• Rugged behind the head tactical boom mic
• Kevlar reinforced cabling
• Durable strain relief
• 360 degree rotatable clip
• High impact polycarbonate ptt housing
• 2.5mm accessory jack
• Optional remote ptt
• Noise canceling version available
• 1 year warranty

Connections available for the following radios:

• Motorola (MO)
• Kenwood (KE)
• Maxon/Midland (MM)
• M/A-Com (MA)
• Vertex (VX)
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