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ASP BreakAway Cap
ASP BreakAway CapASP BreakAway CapASP BreakAway CapASP BreakAway CapASP BreakAway CapASP BreakAway Cap

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ASP BreakAway Cap

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No: 21-1090

The gasket system around vehicle windows provides a protective cushion that prevents breakage. Trying to shatter a window to extract an occupant is extremely difficult. A baton or hammer will bounce off if not precisely placed. A push punch or spring breaker carries the hand into the broken glass. The three precision ground ceramic pins of the ASP BreakAway will shatter window glass from any angle. It provides positive window breakage in any tactical environment.

Install the ASP BreakAway between the ASP Baton handle and the baton cap. To use, remove the baton cap. Strike a vehicle side or back window from any tactically sound angle. The front window of a vehicle has an inner layer of laminated plastic. To break a front window, make a series of strikes in a circle. Then break out the circle.

ASP Breakaway Cap Features:

• Ground Ceramic Pins
• Precision Geometric Dome
• Breaks any tempered glass
• Can also penetrate laminated windshields
• Accepts all ASP attachments
• Mounts to any ASP baton

ASP Breakaway Cap Specs:

• Low profile
• Adds less than .75" to the baton length
• Precision machined
• 6061 T6 aerospace aluminum
• Matte black hardcoat anodized
• Attaches to any existing ASP Baton
• Geodome radiused pin platform
• Three custom molded ceramic pins
• Positive pin contact from any angle
• Finishes: Black, Electroless

Accepts existing ASP baton caps:

• Tactical (steel or aluminum)
• Logo
• Grip
• Leverage
• Tactical Triad LED
• Tactical Defender OC