Uncle Mike's Kodra Nylon Fitted Pistol Magazine Cases

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Uncle Mike's Kodra Nylon Fitted Pistol Magazine Cases

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No: 40-3005

All of Uncle Mike's magazine cases feature hardened inserts that provide rigidity and maximum protection to all sides, plus the top and bottom. The look is all-business. And the thoughtful design is highlighted by separate compartments for each magazine. Not to mention separate internal retention devices for each magazine. The soft-molded belt loop receives belts up to 21/2" wide. Bottom line, there's no better way to keep your rounds at the ready.

All of Uncle Mike's mag cases offer:

• Hardened inserts that are rigid on the sides, front and bottom
• Separate compartments for each magazine
• Separate internal devices retain each magazine
• Soft-molded belt loop for belts up to 21/4"
• Padded, reinforced flaps with knit lining
• A nylon stiffener in the flaps makes them easier to open
• Versions for both single and double row, metal and polymer mags
• Available in 9mm, .40 S&W, 10mm and .45ACP
• Can be worn horizontally or vertically