Pocket Brainbook - California Police Edition - 2017
Pocket Brainbook - California Police Edition - 2017Pocket Brainbook - California Police Edition - 2017Pocket Brainbook - California Police Edition - 2017

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No: 20-7000-000 | Mfg: CA-2017

2018 Edition Begins Shipping Mid-January 2018

Designed for California Law Enforcement. Any Police or Sheriff's agency within California can use it! The California version of the Pocket Brainbook has over 3000 codes alphabetically indexed, and it fits in your uniform pocket! Find the code you need quickly with this portable reference guide.

The Pocket Brainbook is designed to be a quick reference for not only the rookie, but even the most veteran of California Officers. Any PD or Sheriff within California can use this book. Simply look up any keyword like "Registration" or "Stop light", and this book will give you all of the commonly used violations in that category. Or look up "Felon", "Left turn", "Storage Authority", "Speeding", "U-turn", "Fishing", "Hunting", "Boating", "Parks", you name it; and you'll get those violations as well. You can look up hundreds of keywords, and you'll find exactly what you need. All of the codes are mixed alphabetically, It's fast and it's easy. Whether you need vehicle, code, penal code, fish and game, parks, or other codes, it's all there. Also included is State related information, right in you pocket.

The Pocket Brainbook - California A-Z index of alphabetical codes:

• Vehicle Code
• Penal Code
• Business and profession Code
• Harbor and Navigation Code
• California Code of Regulations Title 14
• Health and Safety Code
• Labor Code
• Wellfare and Institution Code

The Pocket Brainbook - California Other Catagories:

• California Prop. 47 changes
• CHP Area offices - addresses and phone numbers
• Sheriff Offices - All 58 counties
• State Hotlines
• State Marshals Offices
• State Probation Offices
• State Courts
• Drug Chart
• Crime elements
• Testifying in Court tips
• 30-day hold Cheater
• Victim categories
• Miranda Rights
• Drug Photos
• Drug Dosages
• Smart Phone Integration
• Monthly Calendar for Shift & OT Tracking