NightHawk Bluetooth Lapel MicrophoneNightHawk Bluetooth Lapel MicrophoneNightHawk Bluetooth Lapel MicrophoneNightHawk Bluetooth Lapel Microphone

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NightHawk Bluetooth Lapel Microphone

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Bluetooth Enabled

Bluetooth Lapel Microphone technology has arrived for the two-way radio user! The BlueWi™ NightHawk is the first and only Bluetooth Lapel Microphone that delivers secure encrypted Bluetooth technology, full-shift 12 hour talk time, easy pairing, no connectivity loss, and fully functional PTT.

The unit features a replaceable professional earpiece with a patented Torpedo™ earbud that plugs into a 3.5 audio jack on top of the microphone. The battery is rechargeable via a mini USB port located on the side of the microphone or the battery can simply be replaced.

The NightHawk is multi-functional and can be paired to multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously, including Bluetooth-compatible smart phones and MP3 players. The BlueWi™ NightHawk delivers on-the-go audio benefits anytime, anywhere.

Other features include front-facing volume control, convenient USB charging port, directional microphone that is sensitive to a whisper, heavy duty clothing clip, and most importantly a strategically placed pairing light behind the microphone.

The NightHawk Bluetooth Lapel Microphone kit includes the NightHawk Lapel Microphone, Fox listen only earpiece, Torpedo™ Aerodynamic Earbud, USB cable, wall charger and optional Bluetooth radio adapter.

NightHawk Bluetooth Lapel Microphone Benefits:

• No Cables
• No Connectivity Loss
• Full Shift Talk Time
• Secure Simple Pairing (SSP)
• Functional PTT
• Quick Readiness
• Removeable Earpiece

NightHawk Bluetooth Lapel Microphone Economic Benefits:

• No Uniform Alterations
• No Cable Fractures
• Less Wear & Tear
• Replaceable Earphone
• Durable, Rugged Housing
• Rechargeable Replaceable Battery

NightHawk Bluetooth Lapel Microphone Tech Specs:

• Bluetooth Version 2.1 + EDR
• Bluetooth Class 2
• LMP encryption with 128 bits encryption key
• DSP Technology
• 12+Hour Talk Time
• Pairs to any Bluetooth Cell Phone or Device
• 3.5mm stereo jack
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