ASP Tri-Fold Carabiners
ASP Tri-Fold CarabinersASP Tri-Fold Carabiners

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ASP Tri-Fold Carabiners {Closeout} SOLD OUT Closeout $4.06
Retail $6.00
No: 21-1305-000 | Mfg: 56214

These ASP Tri-Fold Carabiners secure Tri-Folds Restraints and Scarabs to a tactical vest, belt or pants. These spring loaded aluminum carriers will hold and dispense 6 Tri-Fold restraints. They are rapidly attached to tactical or duty equipment. Package includes (2) carabiners.

NOTE: These are NOT to used for climbing. They are NOT load rated.

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ASP Tri-Fold Restraints - 6 Pack
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